MY BIRTH STORY – My First Labour Experience

I am a Mom of 2 boys and would like to share my labour experience with my second baby. 

My mother is my support system, she has been staying with us since I reached my 27th week. Her cooking is the only food I can tolerate, not even mine. With this pregnancy, I was super lazy, and my smell hormones was at its peak. Each week dragged like it was a year.

At 39 weeks, I started feeling back pains,I was vomitting and stooling . I kept peeing and that was when my mother sensed that I might be in labour. I started feeling light contractions at about 6.30am on a Saturday morning, so my mum told me to take a stroll around the house to make them stronger, We gisted just to distract me from being too conscious so as to let the contractions come easily.
We got to the hospital around 12p.m and By 2p.m, my contractions were about 4 to 5 minutes apart,  I was getting impatient and just wanted the whole thing to end. The contractions didn’t increase until around 7p.m and it was only a minute apart. At that point i was 6cm dilated for 11 hours!
The doctor was already getting concerned that there was no progression , before he finished discussing his next step, i felt that great urge to push. He did an internal and found out I was 10cm dilated and that was how the pushing started then I started feeling sleepy and tired….. the nurses kept slapping my hands(It was so painful! ) and I kept sleeping in between the pushes.About 40mins later I met my small lad all hairy and cute….. lol
It was a big day and I am just relieved that it is over …….. A day that can never be forgotten! 

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