For child development, milestones are important for parents to keep track of their baby’s physical and physiological development. My baby boy is 10 months old. Despite my friends who are mums and other older acquaintances telling me that a boy child’s growth is usually slower than babygirls’, I didn’t care about that i just wanted an healthy baby and great moments with him. But my little boy surprised us all, he started walking at 9 months, was I excited, yes!
At my son’s daycare, I met this friendly mum of a 11months old babygirl and she went on and on about her daughter who is still at the crawling stage and on and on about my son who has started walking , she kept asking me questions ” has he started this food? Have i started potty training him? has he began to mumble words? I couldn’t take it anymore and i just told her to calm down on the comparison……..
The earlier we realise that each child is different the better for us all. And if you feel that your child is not growing as he/she should see a paeditrician not compare with another child. 
This kids grow up too fast, cherish every moment!

….. I am guilty of this and i think it’s the excitement that your child has achieved a trophy ………

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