MY BIRTH STORY- The Novice Mum
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And so my birth story started on this very beautiful early Saturday morning  around 3.30a.m, I had this dream of peeing and I woke up to see that I have wet myself. I was so shocked that for 3mins or so, I was mute still thinking of how it happened that I peed on the bed beside my husband. I checked his side to be sure i didn’t spill to his territory,  I felt relieved and tip-toed out of the bedroom into the toilet,cleaned myself up and decided to wake hubby to explain to him. He smiled and said “ babes, you are pregnant, It could be that you had too much water last night. Let’s just go sleep in the other room, we will sort this out tomorrow morning” . I smiled and thought “ My hubby is the best! “ . I didnt know my birth journey was on the way.

On our way to the other room, I felt this menstrual cramp-like pain, then another one. Then It occurred to me like a flash… boom! “ babes, you are in labour”. I haven’t even finished my thought before another pain pierced me. I screamed and told my hubby with a little excitement mixed with pain “ I think my water broke earlier, I didn’t pee on our bed ! “ . His sleepy face cleared up …. usain bolt can’t beat the speed at which my husband was moving around . he got his phone called my hospital, called my sister and also my neighbour friend . The pain became so frequent that i couldn’t bear it…..  hubby kept asking me questions “where his your hospital bag,? do i need to add anything?” I remember screaming at him to stop asking me questions and take me to the hospital right that minute.
We got to the hospital, I was booked in immediately and my contractions was 3mins apart by now. I was crying for my mother ( God bless all mothers ).  I kept praying to God to make things easy and at the same time I asked God why we had to go through this pain…. this unbearable pain.
Then all of a sudden, the urge to push came over me (my mum friends already gisted me about this part). I just wanted to push,push,push and push…. nothing more. After about an hour of pushing, the little man decided to show up, I have never felt so relieved in my entire life. I was tired and exhausted but not sleepy. I wanted so much to see the little man who I did all this for,  with my tired voice i asked to see him and i did briefly….. But that brief moment was indescribable.
My birth moment was an amazing one…… And I will never  forget it in a million years…….


Amanda from undisclosed. 
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