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Do You Want To Be A Happy Mama? Get HelloMama Bot

Pregnancy and childbirth is both an exciting and scary time for soon to be moms and new moms.  You look forward to holding your baby, playing with them, taking care of them and nurturing them. But you are also scared and worried that you do not have all the required information to take care of your bump or your newborn baby.

With lots of conflicting information from your aunty in the village, your workmates, friends from church and the internet, who do you trust?

What if I told you that there is a friendly nurse who can check on you and give you advice for every stage of your pregnancy and the first year of your baby’s life?

What if this knowledgeable nurse could be found on your phone, easily accessible and ready to help you at any time, be it day or night?

Well, there is such a nurse, the HelloMama bot!

Meet HelloMamaBot, a Telegram based chatbot that will be your guide and confidant during this exciting period of your life. HelloMama provides weekly stage-based messages to pregnant mums and new mothers to help them take care of their bumps and their little ones.

The Chatbot is very easy to use and you can customize it according to your trimester or the age of your baby. You can communicate with HelloMama in your most preferred language be it English, Pidgin or Igbo. The chatbot also asks for your location so that it can deliver messages at the most convenient time.

So why should you use HelloMama? Why should you advice your pregnant or new mommy friends to make HelloMama their friend? Or why should you ask your local health center to recommend HelloMama to their new and pregnant moms?

The short answer is that the chatbot provides accurate information that is specially tailored for each user thus reducing anxiety, increasing uptake of vaccines, promoting health center visits and improving the overall health of babies and moms.

HelloMama Provides Accurate Information

HelloMama provides stage-based messages that are thoroughly researched, are scientifically

accurate and have been verified by NGOs such as Jhiego (an international non-profit health

organization affiliated with John Hopkins University.) and Pathfinder International so as to give

your baby and your bump the highest quality of care and protection.

Every mom knows that their bump or their newborn are very precious and they deserve only the best healthcare that is scientifically tested and proven. HelloMama provides this support during all the trimesters of pregnancy and the first crucial baby milestones.

You will be reminded of the supplements that you should take, the meals that you should eat, the type of activities that you should do and when to visit your nearest health center.  

Reduce Anxiety using HelloMama

Pregnancy and motherhood can be very stressful for mums because of health challenges and increased responsibilities.  HelloMama promotes the emotional well-being of babies and moms and providing an avenue where they can receive updates about the steps they should be taking. The bot provides tips for pregnant moms on when to start saving for newborn expenses, when to start preparing for the coming of the baby and how the mom should take care of themselves.

For new moms, HelloMama provides information on when to take the baby for vaccination, how to take care of the baby and how to deal with common baby illnesses. This support helps mums relax because they know that they have a friendly personal nurse who checks on them and guides them.

What’s more, if you have any questions about your health or that of your baby, you are free to ask HelloMama by typing help at any time and you will receive a scientifically accurate answer in no time!

HelloMama Improves the Overall Health of Babies and Moms

All mommies want to have healthy pregnancies and healthy, happy babies. However, the lack of accurate information and even forgetfulness can prevent this. By providing stage-based information on when you should go for checkups, when you should take supplements, when you should vaccinate your baby and when you should visit the health center, HelloMama improves your health and that of your baby.

Setting up HelloMamaBot

  1. Download and install Telegram messenger app on apple or google play store ( its free)
  2. After installation, In Telegram, search for “HelloMamaBot” in the search bar or click the link  https://t.me/hellomamabot
hellomama bot

Screenshot of hellomama bot

hellomama bot

hellomama bot

At any point in time after a successful registration, type “help” to trigger any of HelloMamaBot’s menu. See instructions below and steps.

Learn more about http://hellomama.africa

See video demo of hellomamabot registration in use here http://bit.ly/HelloMamaBotVideo

Share this article with your friends and family so that they can also install HelloMama and be happy mamas!

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