BABY FACTS ( 7) – Do You know ?
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Long time no baby facts, Serving you your Baby Facts for this week……. 



Read and enjoy………



  • An average baby will go through approximately 2,700 diapers a year. ….. please convert to cash…… lol
  • Up until 7 months old, a baby can breathe and swallow at the same time
  • .The term “infant” is from the Latin “infans”, meaning “unable to speak” and typically refers to the ages from 1-12 months. A “newborn” usually refers to an infant in the first 28 days of life.
  • Newborns prefer looking at a drawing of a face rather than a random pattern, and they prefer smiling faces to grumpy ones.
  • Research shows that a newborn responds positively to the fragrance of its mother’s breasts and ignores breast pads used by other women. Even more striking is the discovery that a blindfolded woman has the ability to identify her own child from a host of other babies by scent alone.
  • At the moment of birth, a baby’s heart beats at 180 pulses per minute. Within a few hours, the rate falls to 140 pulses. At 1 year old, the infant heart rate is 115 beats per minute. An adult’s average resting level is 70-80 beats a minute.
  • The grasp of a newborn baby is so strong that its whole body can hang in midair, with its bent fingers supporting its weight…. DO NOT EXPERIMENT…….
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