ULTRASOUND ABRACADABRA- Ultrasound gone wrong

I am a mum of 2 boys who can be a handful so when I found out that I was expecting , my number one prayer point was for the baby to be a girl, I mean who doesn’t want to play dress up with her daughter….. lol but then my ultrasound performed magic!

At 27weeks I had my first ultrasound scan and voila, the sonographer said “madam, it seems your baby is a girl”. My heart did an” usain bolt” But I said to myself “woman, calm down he said SEEMS, he is not sure o”. So he told me to come back in another 3 weeks just to be sure ……

At 31 weeks, I checked in with the sonographer again to have another ultrasound, at least the baby is matured enough for him to see the sex and did he confirm that its still a girl, yes! he did!!

I sang and danced all the way home. When I told my hubby he said “I just hope this your sonographer is not seeing something else, I feel you should keep your cool and wait till you are close to re-do another scan for final confirmation” I said okay but the joy within me new no bound…..I have been praying for a baby girl and God did it……..

Fast forward to 36 weeks, I started buying my baby items needed for a baby girl, I am not the conventional type of mum so I went for colours other than Pink. I did a lot of yellow( in different shades….lol),Orange,Peach,red,lilac,and a little pink( just to join the pink gang…lol).

My delivery was smooth, no itches, I went into labour and in 55 minutes my bundle of joy came out. My first two labour wasn’t so smooth, I attached it to the fact that they are boys and since this baby is a girl I guess that’s why her labour was different.

My first question was ” Is she hairy? ” and the matron said ” She ke….. God will not turn your boy to She o…….Your son is hairy and cute, I will bring him as soon as he’s clean “. On hearing that , I was just laughing and crying at the same time……. God is the master Chess player! And I am so sure on that day he would be laughing so hard at me………….

My advise to preggy mamas, except if you are very sure of the gender ,don’t buy gender colored outfits, go for neutral colors. I had to give out the pinks I bought and managed some other ones.

My son is 9 months old now. Each time I look at him, I beg God for forgiveness, Instead of me to thank God for giving me these beautiful kids , I kept pressuring for a girl. I have friends who are still TTC and I was there murmuring about having a girl right in front of them…..hmmmmm…… I will never trust an ultrasound again……. That is how I became Mama Boys!

Wow! In everything give Thanks! that is all I have to say……

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