PREECLAMPSIA – How I almost lost my life

Pregnancy for me was hard, really hard.  I was diagnosed of preeclampsia at 25 weeks, I was vomiting profusely and was always sick……. The hospital became my second home as I was closely monitored by my doctor. I attended my antenatal regularly and also took my antenatal drugs religiously.

On a Sunday night, the sleeplessness started, a little walk and I would be short of breath. After 3 days of observing, I called my gynecologist to explain what I noticed, she immediately told me to report to the hospital for my Blood pressure to be checked. The result was shocking as I was always taking it easy and not stressing myself in anyway, I was baffled as to how it got to 160/120. I was immediately admitted and was in the hospital for 1 whole month, it was really tough …..Really really tough, I was growing big at a rapid rate, crazy headache coupled with dizziness, nausea coupled with vomiting…….. I was just not myself and every day I begged God to just do something about my situation, it was that bad……..

I left the hospital only to be back there 2 weeks later due to excessive vomiting and swollen legs.  A scan was conducted and I was diagnosed to have an internal organ issue. At that point, my doctor suggested that I be operated on. I was scared so was my mum but for the sake of my baby, I just had to stay strong.

Series of test was conducted, my Blood pressure kept going up rapidly and everyone kept praying for me and for my unborn child. My blood count was a bit on the low side but I was given some medication that returned my platelet count to normal. My baby boy was delivered at 31 weeks 3 days, he was weighing 1.8kg. He was so tiny and somewhere in my mind I was skeptical about him surviving because he looked so fragile and weak and his breathing was so fast. I wanted to be with him 24/7, I wanted to hold him without letting go, and I was scared of losing him. He was my first fruit and would give anything just for him to be alive.

The hospital kept giving him drugs to help develop his lungs rapidly and after spending about a month, my baby was ready for  home.

I can’t thank God enough because I can’t imagine going through preeclampsia and also having a still birth.

To my preggy moms out there please do not ignore any pregnancy symptom because that headache could be more than just headache and that stomach pain could be more than that. Always go to the hospital and don’t assume that it is something you can handle. For the sake of your unborn child visit the nearest hospital or your hospital because it might just be more than that. To my mamas who have been diagnosed with preeclampsia, please rest as much as you can, pray, eat fruits, take your medication and all will be well…….


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