MY BIRTH STORY – My First & Second Birth Experience
I am stella, a mom of 2 beautiful kids. I had two different birth experiences and will like to share them.
My first pregnancy was a vaginal birth at 40weeks. I only went for my antenatal appointment only for my water to break right in my doctor’s office…. on the examination bed! lol…… I didn’t really have any complications except for the long labour hrs, about 18hrs that felt like eternity and a tear that i got stitches for. She wasn’t a big baby( at 3.7kg) and how i got the tear still amazes me. But it was a pretty good amazing moment. I would call the experience a stroll in the park….. lol
My second pregnancy brought with it all sorts…. pre-enclampsia , breech baby, high blood-sugar. I have never felt so low in my entire life, I was completely depressed, sad and bitter. I had to get a c-section after being managed all through, till the 37th week and he was still breech. I was going berserk with the whole theater process. The catheter insertion was painful for me, looking at the theater room, I knew i wasn’t prepared mentally for it. The surgery went well and I had pains for weeks and a cut as a reminder. He was 4.2kg.
  Thanks for reading……..
Thank You for sharing, that c-section operating table can make you freaky………… what do you think about the 2 ways of birth ?
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tola September 5, 2019 at 7:49 am

hmmmm… this story resonates with me! that csection table can make you go berserk truly. for me i had pre-eclampsia and i was managed all through till the 36th week


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