Parenting Styles (1) – What is your Style ?
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There are four major recognized parenting styles: authoritative, neglectful, permissive, and authoritarian.

Please note that relationship with each kid is totally different, except if they all have the same characters, traits and attitude. The possibility of this is slim, therefore, treat each child differently

So are you ready to find out your parenting style?

Authoritative Parenting

Authoritative parenting style is widely regarded as the most effective and beneficial parenting style for normal children. These parents are easy to recognize, as they are marked by the high expectations. Parents need temper these expectations with understanding a support for their children as well.

One of the most important traits to emulate in the authoritative parenting style is the open communication style with the child. If a parent can foster the ability to speak to their child without judgment, consequently, they will be more likely to have insight into the child’s life. As a result, this will improve their understanding & providing the child with a deeper understanding of the world around them.

How to recognize if you are an authoritative parent:

  • Does your child’s days have structure to it, such as a planned bedtime and understood household rules?
  • Are there consequences for disrupting this structure or breaking the household rules?
  • Does your child understand the expectations that you have for their behavior, and are these expectations reasonable?
  • Do you have a healthy and open line of communication with your child? In order to achieve this, does your child feel that they can speak to you about anything without fear of negative consequence or harsh judgment?

Neglectful Parenting

Neglectful parenting is one of the most harmful styles of parenting that can be used on a child. If a parent recognizes themselves as neglectful, it is important to understand that help is needed in the family. The parents (and children) need assistance, in order to get back to having a healthy and communicative relationship.

How to recognize if you are a Neglectful parent:

  • Do you care for your child’s needs—emotional, physical, and otherwise?
  • Are you in tune with what is going on in your child’s life?
  • Does the home provide a safe space for the child to share their experiences and expect positive feedback rather than negative or no feedback?
  • Do you spend long periods of time away from home, leaving the child alone?
  • How often do you find yourself making excuses for not being there for your child?
  • Do you know your child’s friends? Teachers?
  • Are you involved in your child’s life outside the home?

Most noteworthy, neglectful parenting is damaging to children. This could result in having no trust foundation with their parents from which to explore the world. Consequently, children who have a negative or absent relationship with their parent will have a harder time forming relationships with other people even children.

To be Continued…..

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