Mum Awarded honorary law degree alongside her visually impaired daughter

A turkish mum who read lecture notes to her daughter in law school for 4 years has been awarded an honorary degree.

Eve havva Kul read all of her legal texts to her 22 year old daughter Berru Merve Kul who is visually impaired. She was given this award alongside her daughter at the convocation ceremony.

Havva Kul accompanied her daughter to university every day, and after four years of determined effort Berru graduated from the Department of Law with honors.

The university showed appreciation and recognition to Berru’s mother for reading her daughter’s lecture notes during her four-year course.

“We wanted to thank the mother and the daughter who have shown a great deal of effort,” said the Dean of Faculty of Law at Sakarya University, Professor Mahmut Bilen.

According to the dean, what Berru achieved — graduating with honors from a faculty with heavy curriculum despite her condition — required great sacrifice and that they felt the student’s achievement should also be shared with her mother.

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